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Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology was set up in 2004. The Department offers a FYUGP interdisciplinary major course in Botany and Biotechnology. The Department also offers a PG course in Biotechnology, MSc Biotechnology from 2019 onwards.   The Department has five faculty members including two guest faculty with good academic and research background. The infrastructure includes ICT enabled classrooms and also a well-equipped laboratory including plant tissue culture facility, with a good potential for development. Student oriented teaching-learning methods are adopted to ensure active participation of students for a fruitful learning experience.  The students are encouraged to use the laboratory facilities and are provided with hands on expertise in doing lab experiments. The Department encourages and takes part in various student enrichment programmes like seminars/conferences/workshops, club activities, industrial visit, study tours etc and also engage in the initiatives of higher education and UGC.


To inculcate the students with the art of learning and knowledge of Biotechnology for empowering them to become better human beings with true scientific temperament.


To bring in young minds to the world of Biotechnology.

To ideate and enlighten them with the basics as well as different advanced aspects of the subject.

To develop their skills and talents for making significant contributions towards the ever expanding horizons of Biotechnology.

Faculty Members

Dr. Ramya R Prabhu

HOD & Assistant Professor

Dr. Ragaseema V M

Assistant Professor

Diana David

Assistant Professor

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