About US


“Education : To respect oneself and thereby to respect others”


“Save, improve and Sustain public education for providing access to quality higher education for all on the basis of merit”


  1. To help students discover the greatest goodness in our culture, language, arts and science so as to be receptive to worthwhile changes.
  2. To encourage their evergrowing aspirations.
  3. To motivate them to move from the realm of the ‘ordinary’ to that of the ‘extraordinary’.
  4. To ensure access to university education for the poor and the marginalized
  5. To use the potential of higher education for social development and nation building.
  6. To facilitate better human understanding through the study of languages, humanities, science and social sciences.
  7. To promote academic research in the disciplines offered with a view to understanding and interpreting the present and envisaging the future.