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Dr. Subramaniyan S

It gives me great pleasure, as Principal to welcome you to our official website. At Government Arts College Thiruvananthapuram , tradition meets modernity as a spruced up college gets ready for NAAC accreditation. A beautiful campus nestling amidst a verdant haven, the college stands majestic, tall and proud in her heritage looks, and is located in the heart of the city. Officially separated from the parent institution in 1924, the college boasts of a rich past and an alumni list that could be the envy of any institution.
In keeping with our Vision “Amritum Tu Vidya” we see knowledge as eternal and boundless and has taken it as our mission to disseminate knowledge, and mould a generation of students who will not only excel, but learn to care about society and the environment. We make every effort to ensure that our academics, programmes and activities match our mission statement and at the same time cater to the demands of a rapidly changing society.
The college offers courses in English, Analytical Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Bio-Technology, Statistics, Economics and Commerce. We also offer Sanskrit, Arabic, French, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi as second languages.
We have some of the finest faculty, committed, qualified and enthusiastic who seek to encourage and inspire our students to strive and better themselves, to practice a culture of respect, tolerance and integrity that would light up their pathways as they move on in life. Our academic standards are no less than the best, and we are also fortunate to have a dynamic, well-organized office team, who work as one to keep the administration rolling smoothly. With five Post graduate, four Undergraduate and one Research department the only thing that can hold us back from future expansion is the paucity of space.
The college with its large play grounds, library and gymnasium offers an ambience that supports the holistic development of our students. The students excel not only in academics but also in sports, bringing to the college laurels to be proud of. We see each student as being creative and unique and our numerous clubs provide a wide range of extension activities that seek to bring out their potential. The different clubs focus not only on enriching their social lives, but also encourage our students to build up their accomplishments and prepare them to create the future they want.
I feel humbled and proud to be the Principal of this magnificent college, and feel that this will be our best year ever. Thank you for visiting our website.


Succession List

Dr. Rejula P K
Dr.  Unnikrishnan B
Dr.  Damodaran K K
Dr.  Murugan K
Dr.  G Vijayalekshmi Jun 2015
Sri. K Jayakumar Apr 2014-2015 May
Dr. Sajeev Samuel Rose Jun 2013-2014 March
Dr. Moly Marceline May 2013-2013 Jun
Dr. V Madhusoodanan Sept 2012-2013 March
Dr. Sunny Lukose Oct 2011-Sept 2012
Sri. S.R Chandra Mohan Jun 2011-Sept 2011
Smt. Lathika Devi Jun 2010- March 2011
Smt. Usha B Nair 2008-2010
Sri. Krishnamoorthy.S 2007-2008
Smt. Fernadez Selna 2006-2007
Sri. Mohankumar M.K 2006 March
Dr. K. Vasudevan Nair 2005-2006
Sri. T.A Hassan 2004-2005
Dr. D Maya 2003-2004
Smt. Y Razia 2002-2003
Smt. G Komala Kumari 2000-2002
Dr. K Sukumaran 1999-2000
Smt. K Valsala 1998-1999
Sri. S Varghese Aug 1997-1998
Dr. G Krishnan Nadar 1997 April
Sri. S Muhammed Abubaker Jan 1996-1997 March
Smt. B Padmakumari Sept 1994-1995 Dec
Sri. O.K Sreedharan 1994 April-Aug
Smt. S Padmakumari Dec 1992-1994 March
Smt. G.K Vimala Devi 1992 Jun-Nov
Sri. I Sundaram Pillai Dec 1990-1992 Jun
Sri. O.K Sreedharan 1990 May-Nov
Sri. George M Varghese 1988-1990
Sri. M Abdul Rasheed 1987-1988
Smt. S Santhakumari 1986-1987
Sri. P.M Janaranjanadasan 1984-1986
Sri. P.N Krishnan Nair Jan 1983-1984
Sri. P Madhusoodana Perumal Pillai 1981-1982 Dec
Sri. A.G Ramachandran June 1979-1981
Smt. C.L Lalithamma 1979 April-May
Dr. S Harihara Iyer 1978-1979 March
Sri. A.G Ramachandran May 1977-1978
Sri S Parameswara Iyer 1977 April
Sri. G Surendranath 1972-1977
Sri. K Sivaramakrishna Iyer Nov 1971-1972
Sri. S Velayudhan Nair 1971 April-Nov
Sri. K Velappan Nair June 1966-1971 March
Sri. Krishna Warriyar 1966 April-May
Sri. M Koshy Sept 1964-1966 March
Sri. P George Varghese 1964 June-Aug
Sri. R Ramachandra Iyer 1963-1964 June
Sri. N Krishna Pillai 1958-1963
Sri. K Madhava Menon 1957-1958
Sri. S Sitaraman Iyer 1956-1957
Sri. A Venkitachalam Iyer 1952-1956
Sri. S Sivarama Pillai 1950-1952
Sri. A Chummar 1947-1950
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