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College has general library as well as departmental libraries. The general library is hosted in the platinum jubilee library hall behind the administrative block. General library has various sections like stack area, general reading section, reference section, issue counter, cyber centre, librarian’s cabin etc. Reprographic facility is extended to students and faculty from the general library. There are 38712 books according to accession register including general as well as departmental libraries. General library is subscribing 32 periodicals and 13 newspapers. Half a dozen free journals are also available in the general library. General library and the departmental libraries are automated with window based library software. Our library is one of the members of Thiruvananthapuram cluster, which will enable the search facility of online catalogue among the participating colleges.

Services Rendered

  1. BookLoan: – From the General Library books pertaining to different subjects and books for general reading          is issued to students, faculty and staff from the issue counter. At present 3 books are permitted to PG students and 2 to UG students, which have to returned or renewed within 15 days. Overdue charge of Rs.1/per is levied from defaulters. The number of books that can be kept by the faculty and non-teaching staff is as per Government Rules in this regard. Back volumes of periodicals were also issued on a short time basis on demand.

2. OPAC: – An Online Public Access Catalogue is available in our Library. The clientele can    search a particular book on its author, title, publisher, subject, class number, and accession number etc with the help of this software based catalogue.

3. Classified Arrangement: – The books in the General Library are arranged in a classified order, according to Dewey decimal classification.  The index for almost all subject are provided as bay guides in all the almirahs of the stack area.

4. Cyber Centre:- There is a cyber-centre in our library from which information from the Internet is provided to the readers through 6 computer nodes. An NME (National Mission for education) connection is available in the cyber centre. We are one of the subscribers of NLIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content) of INFLIBNET of UGC. From this more than 6000 electronic journals and 90000 EBooks are available to our students and staff.

5. Reprographic Services: –Reprographic is extended to readers by the help of digital photocopier installed in the library by the assistance of PTA. Students and Staff can take photocopies of books and periodicals at a nominal cost from our reprographic centre.

6. Reference Service: –We have a fairly good collection of reference books including encyclopaedia, dictionaries, handbooks etc. The reference as well as general reading section is utilized by so many readers every day.

7. Library Extension Services: –Government Arts College Library is regularly conducting extension activities like Seminars on relevant topics, orientation programmes to freshmen.

Library Rules

1.General library and reading room shall open from 9 am till 4 pm on all the days when the college is open.

2.Reference books shall not be issued from the library.

3.The Degree students are permitted to borrow Two book and PG students are permitted to borrow Three books at a time from the general library.

4.Borrowed books must be returned within a period of two weeks when they can be reissued for a further period of two weeks if no one else has reserved for them.

5.Should the library not to be open when a book is due, it must be returned the next day on which it is open.

6. Any book may be recalled at any time even if the period of loan has not expired.

7.Borrowers who do not return books when due, will be fined Rs.1 per day and will not be allowed to take out more books until the fine is paid. All such fines may be paid to the college office and the receipt issued should be shown to the Librarian to nullify the fine.

8. All the books taken by the readers including teaching staff should be returned the books in their possession for annual stock verification.

9.Transfer or sub-lending of books taken out for loan is strictly prohibited.

10. A new book shall not be taken out of the library during the first fortnight after it has been classified and catalogued.

11. A member of the Teaching Staff can take six books excluding test books from the General Library. This is in addition to the textbooks and other books for class work he/she can take from his subject library. From each of the other section Libraries he/she can take two books. No member of teaching staff is permitted to keep more than 25 books at a time, except with the sanction of the Principal.

12.A member of the non-teaching staff can take two books from the General Library. They are to be returned within a month.

13.The penal cost of missing books should be levied  in the following manner:-

(a)Ten times of the actual cost of books published before 1.1.1946.

(b)Six times of the actual cost of books published in between 1.1.1946 and1.1.1970.

(c)Three times of the actual cost of books published after 1.1.1970.

In the case of foreign books the conversion rate at the present rate will be charged.

14. Conversation, loud talking, smoking are strictly prohibited in the library.                   15.The Principal shall have the power to refuse admission to any one infringing the rules and regulations of the Library.


1.Malayala manorema                     2.Mathrubhumi                             3.Kerala Kaumudi 4.Desabhimani                                5.Veekshanam6.Deepika             7.Mangalam                                 8.Madhyamam                                9.Hindu(English)                          10.The New Indian Express(Eng)  11.Dinathanthi (Tamil)                  12.Economic Times                       13.Deccan Herald


1.Civil Service Chronicle         2.Banking Chronicle                            3.Competition Success review       4.Yojana                                5. Economic and Political Weekly         6.Women’s era        7.Employment News            8.Sports                                                 9.Outlook                                        10.Frontline                         11.The Week                                         12.Time                                            13.India Today                    14.Reader’s Digest                               15.Thozhil Veedhi         (Malayalam& English)        16. ThozhilVartha                                 17.Malayalam weekly                         18.Mathrubhoomi Weekly  19.Madhyamam weekly                        20.PSC Bulletin                               21.Kalakaumudi Weekly      22.Grahalekshmi                                 23.Health and Nutrition                     24.Life Positive                    25.Bhashaposhini                                26.Vanitha                            27.Mathrubhoomi Arogyamasika 28.Kerala kaumudi weekly.         29. Grandhalokam.                            30. Kerala Karshakan.                                31.VanijyaMasika

Electronic Journals from NLIST(Journals may be hyperlinked with their websites)American Institute of Physics ( 18 titles and 10 years back files access)
American Physical Society (10 titles and 10 years back files access)
Annual Reviews (33 titles and 10 years rolling back files access)
Cambridge University Press (224 titles and 10 years back files access)
Institute of Physics (46 titles and access from Vol 1)
Oxford University Press (206 titles and 10 years back files access)
Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles and 10 years back files access)
Economic and Political Weekly (1 title and access form 1966)
Indian Journals (150+ titles and access from 2007)
H W Wilson (1420+ titles )
MathSciNet (bibliographic database)
Cambridge Books Online (1000 titles)
Oxford Scholarship-e books (902 titles)
NetLibrary- EBSCOhost (936 titles)
MyiLibrary-McGraw Hill-ebooks (1124 titles)
Hiindustan Books Agency -ebooks (65 titles)
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)
Springer eBooks (2005-2011) (1500 titles)
Taylor and Francis -ebooks (1000 titles)
Taylor and Francis -ebooks (1000 titles)-new plateform
Ebooks ( 90000+ titles)

Library Staff                                                                                                                  1.Vijayakumar.N,College Librarian (Selection Grade) (hyper link with the profilebelow) 2.Blessy.G.V, Librarian Grade IV

3.Sudhakumari.N, Attender                                                                                                             4.T.Harikumaran Nair, Attender

5.Jayaprasad.L, Attender