Chemistry Research

FacultyResearch Area
Dr. D. Santhosh KumarPhysical Organic Chemistry
Dr. Alan Sheeja D BNatural Products Chemistry
Dr. Vishnu V SInorganic Chemistry (Environmentally benign rare earth based inorganic pigments)
Sabitha Mohan M RCrystal growth and structural studies of metal carboxylates

Research Projects

FACULTYTITLE OF MRPTotal fund (in Rs.)STATUSMore Details
1Dr. D. SANTHOSH KUMARKinetics of elimination reactions of secondary and tertiary aralkyl halides in acetonitrile in presence of strong bases1,15,000Completed (2009-2011)..
2Dr. ALAN SHEEJA D BIsolation and characterisation of bioactive compounds from plants1,55,000Completed
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