Biotechnology Research

The Department has faculty members with good research experience and academic background. Their research interests vary and are specialised in various fields with thorough base in Biotechnology.  The faculty take part in various conferences, seminars and workshops both at national and international levels. Every year, the Department in association with the Department of Botany organises seminars or workshops in which both faculty and students can take part.

The Department has a laboratory with potential for excellence to be converted into a research lab.  The immediate future plans include setting up of tissue culture lab with the state of the art facilities. The Department also offers opportunities for school students to conduct their curriculum based projects in Biotechnology.

Faculty publications

  • No of book chapters – 2
  • No of papers in peer reviewed international journals – 12
  • No of papers in peer reviewed national journals – 1
  • No of paper presentations in seminars – 6
  • Number of  faculty  who  were  awarded  Ph.D. during  the assessment period – 3
Faculty Research Area
Smt. Ramya R Prabhu .Molecular Neurobiology
Dr. Ragaseema V M Vascular Biology
Dr. Diana David Cancer Biology
Dr. Aswathy P. M Neurogenetics


List of seminars/workshops conducted

Sl no Title year Level
1 Applied aspects of plant biotechnology 5-12-2013 State
2 DNA Barcoding – A rosetta stone to understand biodiversity 6-2-2015 National


3 Biofuels as renewable energy source – Towards a greener technology 19-2-2016 State
4 One day workshop on Molecular Techniques 02-12-2016 State